Joe Biden will lose to Trump, Kamala will too. Get a new TICKET NOW!
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Joe Biden will lose to Trump, Kamala will too. Get a new TICKET NOW!

To: Sen. Peters, Pres. Biden, Sen. Stabenow, Rep. Slotkin

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 7

We need a new ticket, Biden and Harris have spent the last 3.5 years sleep walking into this disaster we find ourselves in. Joe has lost the confidence of the electorate, mostly independents in crucial swing states and Harris couldn’t even get into the top 5 in 2020 primary. Who thinks it’s a good idea to put these two on the future ticket? We need a mini primary and debates to secure two top quality qualified candidates chosen by the majority of the American people. This is no time to sit back and put your head in the sand, demand Joe drop out and reinvigorated the electorate with inspirational younger leadership, this isn’t rocket science. Do what we need to do to destroy maga at the ballot box or the constitution, rule of law, and democracy at self will crumble. Do you understand the gravity of this moment, of ever day going forward. Joe Biden is declining in the polls and will drag the senate and house along with him. Haven’t you learned a thing from 2016? WE NEED A NEW TICKET NOW!

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