Uphold asylum rights, address root causes humanely
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Uphold asylum rights, address root causes humanely

To: Rep. Jayapal, Sen. Murray, Pres. Biden, Sen. Cantwell

From: A constituent in Seattle, WA

June 4

The proposed policy to dramatically limit asylum claims at the Southwest border disregards international laws and conventions that the United States has committed to upholding. It contradicts the ideals enshrined in the Statue of Liberty, which has long stood as a beacon of hope and refuge for those "yearning to breathe free." As a nation built by immigrants and refugees, we have a moral obligation to provide safe haven to those fleeing persecution and violence. Denying individuals the opportunity to seek asylum without proper evaluation is a violation of human rights principles and undermines our nation's values. I urge you to reconsider this approach and instead pursue comprehensive reforms that address immigration challenges while safeguarding the rights of asylum seekers in accordance with international laws and our own founding principles of liberty and justice for all.

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