End US military aid enabling Israeli apartheid, invest domestically.
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End US military aid enabling Israeli apartheid, invest domestically.

To: Sen. Fetterman, Rep. Kelly, Sen. Casey

From: A constituent in New Castle, PA

May 14

Military funding from the United States enables Israel's oppressive policies and violence against Palestinians. The $3.8 billion in annual military aid to Israel props up an apartheid system that denies fundamental rights to the Palestinian people. This taxpayer money could be better utilized to support communities in need within the United States, providing essential services like healthcare, housing, education, and community resources. It is imperative that military funding to Israel be halted immediately. The apartheid regime in Israel cannot be allowed to persist through American backing. The Israeli government's discriminatory treatment of Palestinians and illegal occupation of their lands violates human rights and international law. Reallocating these funds towards uplifting marginalized communities in the U.S. would be a step towards justice. Congress must act to end military aid to Israel and stop enabling this oppressive system.

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