Biden and Kamala can’t win and you know it.
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Biden and Kamala can’t win and you know it.

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Peters, Rep. Slotkin, Sen. Stabenow

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 7

I haven’t heard ONE shred of vocalization from ANY OF YOU regarding this disaster we find ourselves in. I’m being to lose any shred of confidence in you, my elected officials. You want to burn this country down by giving the presidency, the house, and the senate to Trump and MAGA then so be it. I’m done writing you 5 letters a day demanding the very least from you, to speak up about our current state of affairs and bring new life and energy to this election by putting for a dozen top democrats to debate and to create a ticket that can beat the fascist, rapist, insurrectionist, 34x felon Donald Trump. Time is extremely limited and every day you fail to act leaves us in a worse and worse position. I’ll be attending the Democratic national convention in Chicago next month and if a new ticket isn’t organized by then… there will be riots in the streets. I will not stand back and watch my democracy, my constitution, and our rule of law be handed over to Trump so he can dismantle everything I hold dear. Your time is up. I’m done. If it’s Joe Biden or Kamala Harris on the to ticket, kiss this country goodbye and maybe your own lives if Trump wants to throw you in prison because you are a democrat. WAKE UP!

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