JOE should be in a nursing home, not our last hope for DEMOCRACY
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JOE should be in a nursing home, not our last hope for DEMOCRACY

To: Sen. Stabenow, Pres. Biden, Rep. Slotkin, Sen. Peters

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 10

You are absolute fools for not demanding Joe Biden drop out, he should be in a nursing home not running for leader of the free world. Biden did a phenomenal job as president but his mental and physical decline is outrageous, it’s outrageous that the DNC and Biden Administration when so long hiding it from the American people. Joe had the worst debate performance in modern history followed by the worst interview from a president. This is a disaster and you are the only remedy. Joe needs to drop out now so we can start debates and mini primary to get 2 candidates we can be proud of that will give us the energy and hope to destroy maga at the ballot box. Joe will lose Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and there goes the presidency, the senate, the house, democracy, the rule of law, the constitution.. all for what!? And egotistical frail dementia patient that is too hungry for power to realize his own reality and the severity of this moment. I have ZERO confidence that he can perform the duties of president today let alone for 4 years. Instead of this race about a 34x felon rapist insurrectionist fascist and the corrupt maga Supreme Court, it’s now become about Joe Biden and his capacity to walk to the stage and make coherent sentences. How pathetic and shameful of YOU, THE DNC, and the BIDEN CAMPAIGN for this “weekend at Bernie’s” act you all have been playing. DEMOCRACY is on the line FFS! Act like it!

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