Joe is dragging this country down with his delusion and stupidity. NEW TICKET!
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Joe is dragging this country down with his delusion and stupidity. NEW TICKET!

To: Rep. Slotkin, Sen. Peters, Sen. Stabenow, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 8

Joe Biden is now a danger to democracy. This past 2 weeks he has shown the country that he is on a downward spiral of his mental and physical capacity, shown that he is out of touch with reality, stubborn, egotistical, delusional, and arrogant. The country won’t survive another Trump presidency and Biden is losing to the 34x felon rapist insurrectionist in the polls. Biden will take down the house and senate right along with him. What a disaster from his administration, the DNC, and to every democrat that keeps quiet while we all know Biden will lose in November. Biden doesn’t even have the capacity for a press conference or a town hall. The only communication he has with the American people is through letters that he didn’t write and teleprompted responses at his rallies for 20 min. How pathetic that it has come to this, the DNC hasn’t learned a thing. I will not stand for this anymore and you shouldn’t either. If Biden doesn’t step down before Friday there will be consequences. If I don’t hear you be vocal about this I will make sure my vote doesn’t go to any of you. If you don’t demand Biden steps down the country will be lost forever. It’s up to you.

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