An open letter to Gov. Whitmer, Sen. Irwin, Rep. Wilson.
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An Open Letter

To: Gov. Whitmer, Sen. Irwin, Rep. Wilson

From: A constituent in Ypsilanti, MI

July 3

The ongoing violence and oppression of Palestinians by Israeli forces is a grave human rights crisis that demands urgent action. The disproportionate use of force, illegal settlements, and blockade of Gaza have caused immense suffering and violate international law. Israel's occupation and policies of forced displacement, home demolitions, and restrictions on movement are dehumanizing and amount to apartheid. The world cannot remain silent while these atrocities continue. Concrete steps must be taken to end the occupation, lift the Gaza blockade, stop settlement expansion, and uphold Palestinian rights to self-determination, freedom, and dignity. Justice and human rights for all people in the region can only be achieved through a negotiated peace agreement based on human rights, international law, and equality. This tragic conflict has gone on for far too long – bold leadership is needed to resolve it through diplomacy and compromise from all sides.

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