You should be laying the groundwork now for success next year
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You should be laying the groundwork now for success next year

To: Sen. Warren, Rep. Pressley, Sen. Markey, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Brighton, MA

July 7

I want to make sure you are not confusing winning the election with saving our democracy. To be sure, taking control of Congress and keeping the White House are essential if we are to begin to undo the damage done by the GOP and pull the country back from the brink. But while those steps are absolutely necessary, they are absolutely not sufficient. Extraordinary changes, starting with dramatically reforming the Supreme Court, are needed to restore sanity to this country. If you're not laying the groundwork now for those changes, before the election, so that when you win the election the changes are ready to go, then you're failing. The fascists have proven all too well that they understand this. The Democrats have proven repeatedly that they do not. Not to mention that making it clear to the American people what's at stake and laying the groundwork for fixing it will actually help you win the election! It's time to start playing chess instead of checkers. Get going. Thank you.

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