Joe Biden is turning into a disaster. This must be stopped. NEW TICKET NOW!
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Joe Biden is turning into a disaster. This must be stopped. NEW TICKET NOW!

To: Sen. Stabenow, Pres. Biden, Sen. Peters, Rep. Slotkin

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 8

Joe Biden is making this race about himself and his obvious mental decline. His selfishness in this moment couldn’t be more appalling. The DNC and Biden Campaign are just as delusional as Joe Biden. Instead of talking about the issues, we are talking about Biden’s dementia. Instead of Biden doing a town hall or press conference, his aides are writing angry letters full of excuses instead of showing that Biden can speak coherently. Instead of the country focusing on the horrors of maga and Trump, we are watching an arrogant old man so dissolved from reality and that he isn’t listening to the voters, the Democratic Party, independents, or the polls. Biden has destroyed his legacy in two weeks and is on pace to lose the presidency, the house, the senate and give race to Trump and MaGa so they can destroy the constitution, rule of law, and democracy itself. We need new leadership, debates, a mini primary and all the energy and communication that comes along with it. We need to reinvigorate the electorate with candidates that inspire, motivate, clearly articulate the issues and policies that will help America and defeat Trump. THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE FFS!

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