Fully fund IRS to ensure tax fairness
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Fully fund IRS to ensure tax fairness

To: Rep. Casar, Sen. Cornyn, Pres. Biden, Sen. Cruz

From: A verified voter in Austin, TX

May 11

The IRS plays a critical role in ensuring a fair and effective tax system that allows for appropriate funding of vital social programs. The audit findings regarding the former president's tax practices highlight the importance of robust enforcement capabilities to prevent exploitation of loopholes and aggressive tax avoidance strategies by wealthy individuals and corporations. To fully uphold tax laws and collect rightful revenue, the IRS requires adequate funding and staffing to scrutinize complex returns and business arrangements. This revenue stream is essential for financing social safety nets, public services, and investments that uplift all members of society. Equitable taxation, with a reasonable rate structure applicable across income levels, is a cornerstone of a just system. The nation's fiscal health and societal well-being depend on the IRS having the resources to ensure taxes are paid properly by those of substantial means. An empowered and well-funded IRS can level the playing field and compel ultra-wealthy taxpayers to contribute their fair share toward the greater good. This commitment to tax fairness and IRS enforcement capacity is crucial for responsibly funding programs that create opportunity and safeguard the vulnerable.

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