JOE will drag this party and country down to its knees. DO SOMETHING! NOW!
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JOE will drag this party and country down to its knees. DO SOMETHING! NOW!

To: Sen. Peters, Rep. Slotkin, Pres. Biden, Sen. Stabenow

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 9

You have learned nothing, you are willing to lose this election to a fascist rapist 34x felon because Joe Biden’s ego and lack of self awareness. This election means too much to gamble on Biden’s ability to gain swing state independents and moderate republicans. The recipe is a disaster and you know it. The fact that you have been silent is deafening. I demand you be vocal about our chances to win in November are declining by the week. Biden’s ability to communicate to the American people is nonexistent, he can’t even hold a press conference or town hall FFS. I’m so disappointed in you and the DNC and the Biden administration for their carelessness approach to this election. There still is time to correct this disaster we are in and it will take you standing up for what’s obvious, Joe Biden’s mental decline will lose us the house, senate, and presidency. Democracy, the rule of law, and the constitution are on the line and you think it’s okay to continue down this path of huge losses in November. How utterly shameful and disgraceful this whole process has been. WE NEED A NEW TICKET, we need debates to choose that new ticket, and we need the democratic convention to be the arena for the delegates to choose our best options.

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