Oppose Arms Transfer Bill, Uphold Human Rights in Israel-Palestine
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Oppose Arms Transfer Bill, Uphold Human Rights in Israel-Palestine

To: Sen. Padilla, Rep. Costa, Sen. Butler, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Kingsburg, CA

May 15

The House GOP is pushing legislation to force President Biden to continue transferring weapons to Israel despite his decision to halt a bomb shipment over concerns about civilian casualties in Rafah. This bill condemns Biden's attempt to pressure Israel to avoid disproportionate attacks on Palestinian civilians. While supporting Israel's security is important, enabling indiscriminate violence against civilians is unacceptable and undermines human rights. The President should maintain discretion over arms transfers to encourage restraint and protect innocent lives. Passing this bill would remove accountability and incentivize further escalation of the tragic conflict. I urge you to oppose this misguided legislation. Prioritizing human rights and pursuing a just, peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should take precedence over inflaming tensions through unrestricted militarism. Responsible statecraft demands nuance, not absolutes that endanger civilians. Protect the President's authority to uphold moral leadership on this issue.

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