Stop Israeli genocide of Palestinians
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Stop Israeli genocide of Palestinians

To: Gov. Whitmer, Rep. Wilson, Sen. Irwin

From: A constituent in Ypsilanti, MI

June 30

The ongoing Israeli military operation in Gaza has caused immense suffering and loss of civilian lives, including children. The simultaneous ground assaults on Rafah and Shujayea have left a trail of destruction, with Israeli tanks and troops pushing deeper into densely populated civilian areas. Despite the lack of progress in ceasefire talks, it is imperative that both sides prioritize the protection of innocent lives and work towards a permanent resolution to this conflict. The disproportionate use of force against a predominantly civilian population is unacceptable and a violation of international humanitarian law. The targeting of residential areas and the displacement of thousands of Palestinians is exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis. This cycle of violence must end. I urge you to take immediate action to halt the Israeli military offensive in Gaza and demand an immediate ceasefire. The international community must intervene to prevent further escalation and facilitate negotiations towards a just and lasting peace. The status quo is unsustainable, and the Palestinian people deserve to live with dignity, security, and self-determination. It is time to address the root causes of this conflict and work towards a comprehensive solution that upholds human rights and international law.

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