End Conflict and Abuses, and Send Aid to DRC
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End Conflict and Abuses, and Send Aid to DRC

To: Sen. Collins, Sen. King, Pres. Biden, Rep. Pingree

From: A constituent in Waterville, ME

May 3

The United States must stop all exploitation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and send emergency relief at once. I appreciate that you’ve halted aid that could have been going to M23, but you have the power to do more. Through 2022, over 122,000 Congolese people have been killed directly through conflict, and up to six million or more have been killed due to the effects of conflicts since the First Congo War. Around eight million people have been displaced, and over 25 million people need humanitarian support. The US must stop any support to antagonists in these conflicts, including pressuring allies to end their support, as well. Conflict is not the only thing killing Congolese people. Exploitative and hazardous mining practices affect the health and wellbeing of men, women, and children while keeping the country poor. Any US mines in DRC MUST adhere to human and workers’ rights and environmental regulations, and any US companies sourcing minerals from DRC must be held to such standards. I also urge you to pressure the DRC government to enact and enforce environmental and labor protections. Calls and demands are not enough. The US must take action to help save millions of lives in DRC.

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