You need to "Unpack the Court", right now!
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You need to "Unpack the Court", right now!

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Warren, Rep. Pressley, Sen. Markey

From: A constituent in Brighton, MA

July 11

Please, I am begging you, listen to what noted historian Kevin M. Kruse has to say in his recent article entitled "Unpacking the Court" ( Here's a summary: the current situation is not the same as the situation FDR was dealing with in 1937. There will be no "Court-Packing Crisis" if the Democrats push to reform the Supreme Court. There is widespread nationwide support nowadays for Court reform, unlike in 1937, and today's Court legitimacy crisis is far, far more severe than what FDR was facing in 1937. Reforming the court is both the right thing to do to save our democracy and good political strategy. You may not have the votes in Congress to do it now, but making it clear that you'll reform the court if you have the votes will make it more likely that you'll get them. This should be a cornerstone of your campaign strategy between now and the election. Thank you.

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