An open letter to Pres. Biden, Sen. Warren, Sen. Markey, Rep. Pressley.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Warren, Sen. Markey, Rep. Pressley

From: A constituent in Brighton, MA

July 2

I watched President Biden's statement last night about the Supreme Court's immunity decision. I liked what he said, but I'm intensely concerned about what he didn't say. Biden is making the same mistake that Democrats have made over and over: while Republicans are ready and willing to do anything and everything they need to win, Democrats like Biden just... aren't. Would he rather give up our democracy without a fight than use all the tools our Founding Fathers gave him to preserve it? The Supreme Court as it is currently constituted is illegitimate, lawless, and fascist. Telling people to vote against Trump and the Republicans in November isn't going to fix that. Only eforming the court will: • Change the balance of power by increasing the size of the court or in some other way. • Impose a binding code of ethics. This court has proven that it cannot police itself. • Impeach the conservative justices for perjuring themselves during their confirmation hearings and overturning settled law. I know none of these things are likely to be accomplished unless the Democrats gain control of Congress and the White House in November. But you can be laying the groundwork now. You can be talking about them every day. Fixing the corrupt Supreme Court and saving our democracy is a WINNING CAMPAIGN ISSUE. It's also mandatory if you want our democracy to survive, so there's no good reason not to be hammering on this every single day between now and the election. Catering to centrists does not win elections. What wins elections nowadays is firing up people with winning campaign issues so that they vote. Specifically, the youth vote is there for the taking if you give our youth reason to believe that you actually care about them and are going to do something about saving our democracy. How many times did the GOP vote in Congress to repeal Obamacare? They of course never succeeded, but their goal was actually firing up the base by giving them red meat to chew on. Don't tell me it wasn't a winning strategy; we can see from where we stand today that it obviously was. The issue they were hammering on was wrong and bad for people, while the issue I'm asking you to hammer on is right and good. You can be true to your values AND save democracy. What's the downside? We need courage and action from our elected officials the likes of which we haven't seen from government in this country since at least the Civil Rights era, perhaps not since the Civil War. Don't fail us.

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