Joe and Kamala need to go. Gretchen and Gavin will win.
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Joe and Kamala need to go. Gretchen and Gavin will win.

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Slotkin, Sen. Peters, Sen. Stabenow

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 2

Joe Biden now has Hunter Biden being apart of his official White House meetings. I understand that he has mental decline BUT are you kidding me? His convicted son felon for drugs and guns really destroys the narrative of felons in the White House’s regarding Trump. It seems like no one is running the Biden administration because WHO THINKS that’s a good idea? Joe? We need to replace Joe and Kamila on the ticket with Gavin and Gretchen ASAP. It’s one awful optic after another and I’m done. If the Democratic Party doesn’t getting their ducks in a row, this country/democracy/Rule of law/Constitution will cease to exist under President Trump. My fear is that I will have to join a literal war to take back democracy from maga fascists if somehow Trump gets more undemocratic electoral college votes even when he loses by 8-9 million votes. The Supreme Court has made a Republican president King, but only if a republican wins. Civil rights are on the line. Everything is on the line. ACT LIKE IT FFS! Save the country and put Gavin and Gretchen on the ticket and we will destroy maga all over the country.

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