Children are dying by the thousand in Gaza. The fighting MUST STOP.
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Children are dying by the thousand in Gaza. The fighting MUST STOP.

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Britt, Rep. Strong, Sen. Tuberville

From: A constituent in Madison, AL

February 14

I’m writing with grave concern over both what’s happening in Gaza and the 14B in unconditional aid we’re offering to Netanyahu. Kids in Gaza are dying from the deliberate withholding of food. In addition to the horror of that news, it’s a textbook war crime. And that makes those who orchestrate it war criminals. As for those who fund it, we, too, are culpable. Officials at relief organizations are saying that they have never experienced a humanitarian disaster as dire as the world is witnessing in Gaza. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is planning another mass offensive. And around 100 hostages are still missing. His approach—and his leadership—is a disaster! To take a clear moral stand against Netanyahu is not to be pro-Hamas or anti-Israeli. It’s to be pro-human rights. I am, and the U.S. must be as well. It’s time for a cease fire on both sides. Children are starving. Hostages are dying. The conflict is escalating. No one is winning but the weapons manufacturers. The vast majority of Americans don’t want this humanitarian catastrophe. So please, no more arms to Israel without strict oversight to ensure they aren’t being used to fund killing civilians. Instead use diplomatic methods to bring this conflict to an end. Those children, and the hostages who have died, are lost to us forever. We can’t change that, but we can still save those who are left. Thanks.

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