Urgent Western military aid for Ukraine's air defense systems.
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Urgent Western military aid for Ukraine's air defense systems.

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Casar, Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Cruz

From: A verified voter in Austin, TX

May 8

Ukraine continues to face relentless Russian attacks on its critical infrastructure, particularly its energy facilities. The recent barrage of over 50 cruise missiles and explosive drones targeting power grids across seven Ukrainian regions underscores the urgency of providing Ukraine with more robust air defense systems. While Ukrainian forces have shown resilience in intercepting many of these strikes, the depletion of air defense ammunition and the staggering cost of repairing damaged infrastructure highlight the dire need for additional NATO-standard systems like Patriots. Ukraine's struggle against Russian aggression mirrors the fight against Nazism in World War II, as President Zelenskyy poignantly observed. Just as a united free world was crucial then, Ukraine requires greater military support now to defend its sovereignty and uphold democratic values. The delivery of promised Western military aid, especially advanced air defenses, is imperative to bolster Ukraine's ability to protect its civilians and infrastructure from indiscriminate Russian bombardment. Failing to meet these critical defense needs would only embolden Russia's attempts to force Ukraine into submission through attacks on its energy grid and industrial capabilities.

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