Bring American doctors home from Gaza
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Bring American doctors home from Gaza

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Suozzi, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand

From: A constituent in Old Westbury, NY

May 13

I am writing to you on behalf of the families and colleagues of approximately 20 American medical professionals, including 15 doctors, who are currently stranded at the European Hospital in Gaza. These dedicated individuals have been providing critical medical services under increasingly perilous conditions. Reports from the World Health Organization indicate that the primary border exit they intended to use has been closed by Israeli authorities, leaving them unable to safely leave the area. The situation in Gaza is deteriorating rapidly, making it increasingly unsafe and unsustainable for them to continue their humanitarian efforts without significant risk to their own lives. We ask you to urge Israel to guarantee their safe passage, demand the Israeli government halt the Rafah offensive and establish a humanitarian aid corridor. We need assurance that American aid workers can carry out their work without fear of attack and have the ability to return home safely.  As a leading nation committed to the safety and well-being of its citizens, it is imperative that the United States takes swift action to ensure the safe return of these brave men and women. They have selflessly put their lives on the line to assist those in dire need, and it is now our duty to provide them with the support and assistance necessary to bring them home safely. We urge your administration to engage directly with Israeli authorities to negotiate safe passage for these American nationals at the earliest possible opportunity. Their families are deeply concerned for their safety and are longing for their return. We are counting on your leadership and humanitarian commitment to prioritize this urgent matter and assist in the safe evacuation of our fellow Americans and an end to the bombardment of Rafah.

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