Replace Joe with Gavin FFS
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Replace Joe with Gavin FFS

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Stabenow, Rep. Slotkin, Sen. Peters

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

June 28

Biden’s debate performance was utterly disastrous. Democrats have propped up Biden for too long and it’s finally come back to bite you. I am a down ballot blue voter, I’m not a democrat because you shove unpopular candidates like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. It’s time you pick someone that inspires, someone with youth, someone that can take on the rapist felon insurrectionist Donald Trump and his maga cult. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden passes on from old age before the election. You need to put a team together and discuss plans to remove Biden from the ticket, for the sake of democracy and the rule of law ffs. Is Biden more important than democracy, Ukraine, Palestine, civil rights, trans rights, women’s rights, climate change, and peace? NO! Of course he isn’t, so how about you put someone the majority of Americans will vote for- Gavin Newsom. He’s the person that can save this country from the Republican and the brain dead democrats who think shoving senile Joe Biden down are throats is a good idea. WAKE UP!

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