Joe is done and we all know it. Now what comes next is up to you.
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Joe is done and we all know it. Now what comes next is up to you.

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Stabenow, Sen. Peters, Rep. Slotkin

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 6

Biden is doing this country a massive disservice, and now he’s actively destroying his legacy by gaslighting the American people at the most crucial point since the civil war. Instead of everyone taking about Trump, his rape, his felonies, his insurrection, Biden has made this all about him and his mental decline. This is Joe’s fault, this is his administration’s fault, this is the DNC’s fault. I demand you stand up and speak out for having Joe step down and for a mini primary/ debate session with the top democrats in order to get two new younger popular candidates on the ticket. We have no time for another 10 disastrous interviews, we have no time for Joe to gaslight us, we have no time to continue down this path of loss and failure for the Democratic Party and for the world. You can kiss Ukraine goodbye and Palestine goodbye if Trump wins. You can kiss democracy, the constitution, the rule of law goodbye if Trump wins. America is on the brink of collapse and Joe is making excuses instead of doing his patriot duty and stepping aside in order for the USA to move forward. How selfish and frankly pathetic it is for him to stand in the way of the USA beating Trump. I’m at a total loss here and I’m ready to give up and say “to hell with this stupid country, this corrupt government, and everyone involved”. Prove me wrong.

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