Gavin and Gretchen not Joe and Kamala
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Gavin and Gretchen not Joe and Kamala

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Stabenow, Rep. Slotkin, Sen. Peters

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 1

You tried to force Hillary Clinton down our throats, how did that work out for the nation? It gave us Trump and ended Roe vs Wade and 1000 other awful things. You pushed Joe Biden over the finish line in 2020, thank god Trump was the biggest scumbag president ever so Joe won. Joe has been a great president, but at this particular moment in time we need younger more energetic coherent leadership, not a semi walking talking corpse. Joe Biden lost the my confidence and the confidence of the world with that horrible god awful debate. He had one job, just to make it through the debate without making a fool of himself. He failed. Joe Biden created the debate and it backfired so spectacularly that the world is on edge because of his utterly awful performance. We need Gavin and Gretchen on the same ticket, doesn’t matter who is VP or P. Democracy, the rule of law, international order, Ukraine, Palestine, Supreme Court picks, house and senate majorities for down ballot races…. It’s all on the line. Do the right thing and demand Joe to step down and to put popular intelligence NON 80 year olds with mental decline on the ticket for 4 more years. I’d be surprised if Joe has the ability to walk and talk by November. Do you know how scared I am. Do you understand the ramifications of letting Trump win and pardon himself and destroy democracy. ACT LIKE YOU DO and give us hope and inspiration instead of uncertainty and anxiety. Joe needs to go and everyone knows it besides the status quo administration trying to grip to power like Trump did after he lost. It’s over, we need a new ticket. Kamila is awful and invisible.

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