An open letter to Sen. Duckworth, Pres. Biden, Sen. Durbin, Rep. Krishnamoorthi.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Duckworth, Pres. Biden, Sen. Durbin, Rep. Krishnamoorthi

From: A verified voter in Medinah, IL

May 30

“I left my children playing in the tent. I hugged them as it felt like the last hug. I left to cook them something to eat. I came back panicking as I heard the airstrikes. I found my SIX children that couldn't fit in the tent. They burnt and became ash. I carried the six in my arm as if it were a handful of sand. I continued hugging and kissing them. My SIX children, world, they became the size of a HANDFUL OF SAND.” Testimony from the Rafah massacre 5/27/2024 How can you watch as this goes on and act like this level of civilian death is acceptable? It’s sickening. Stop sending money and bombs to Israel. They are out of control.

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