Stop Fascism! Ceasefire Now!
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Stop Fascism! Ceasefire Now!

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Strickland, Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray

From: A constituent in Lakewood, WA

May 24

Writing to let you know my absolute disgust with your support of Israel in their genocidal effort to destroy the Palestinian people. You should be ashamed, and understand that your actions bring shame upon our country. You can expect no support in coming elections as long as you continue sending our tax dollars to murder innocents. As the 2024 elections close in, consider, if democracy is on the ballot, why risk everything to support a fascist regime across the globe? In turn, you empower the creep of fascism in our own country. Ignoring the will of the people will plunge us into darkness. Ceasefire now.

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