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To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Schmitt, Rep. Bush, Sen. Hawley

From: A constituent in Saint Louis, MO

February 25

I haven't forgotten the leaked "concept paper" where Israel outlined exactly what they are doing now back in October. Every moment of this systematic genocidal ethnical cleansing campaign is going exactly the way they planned. They have pushed most of the population of Gaza to the Rafah border and are now working to push whoever is still alive after the ongoing, vicious assault on the most densely populated part of the world into the Sinai desert. The next step is to murder as many Palestinians as possible, and then blockade them from ever being able to return so that colonists can begin taking over the land. The Israeli government and their own people have explicitly stated this since October. The illegal occupier you support without question isn't just terrorizing the Gaza strip. Credible reports from UN Human Rights experts were released yesterday detailing the sexual violence and torture the Palestinian women and children are subjected to inside of the death camps "prison" they've been indefinitely detained into. Save The Children's 2023 report on the conditions for children, which pre-dates 10/7, goes into more detail about these horrifying conditions. Israel's recent extra-judicial murder of several Palestinians in their hospital beds in the West Bank shows how this violence doesn't end at the death camps, either. All of occupied-Palestine is the largest concentration camp in the world. I know you know all of this, and you still do nothing. You have proven to the American people you truly have no soul or humanity. I fear for the future of this country knowing we have terrorist supporters and genocide apologists in power. I demand that you:  - Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire - Call for the immediate end of Israel's occupation and apartheid and support Palestinians in their fight for freedom and peace - Hold Israel accountable for their violations of the Genocide Convention and all other international laws by any means necessary - Secure the immediate release and safety of all Palestinians who have been abducted and held captive by Israel, including those whose indefinite detention began prior to 10/7 - Permanently end all monetary, diplomatic, and military aid given to Israel and enforce Leahy Law - Reallocate all funds given to Israel and commit additional resources for ongoing humanitarian relief for Palestinians starting with immediately resume funding of UNRWA - Immediately withdraw all U.S. troops, military assets, and all other assets deployed throughout the Middle East and cease all actions that further escalate a larger regional conflict - Pass legislation that voids all anti-BDS laws at the federal level

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