Close Guantanamo Bay prison, end indefinite detention without trial
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Close Guantanamo Bay prison, end indefinite detention without trial

To: Rep. Courtney, Sen. Murphy, Pres. Biden, Sen. Blumenthal

From: A verified voter in East Hampton, CT

June 28

Guantanamo Bay prison has been a stain on America's human rights record for far too long. After two decades, 39 men still languish there without charge or trial, held indefinitely outside the regular judicial system. This violates fundamental principles of due process and human rights that our nation purports to uphold. No person should be deprived of liberty without being formally accused and given a fair trial. The continued operation of Guantanamo erodes America's moral standing in the world. I urge you to take decisive action to finally close this prison camp, transfer any remaining detainees to the US for trial or release, and bring an end to this shameful chapter. Guantanamo's existence has enabled unlawful government practices like torture, extraordinary rendition, and indefinite detention without due process. Closing it is not only the right thing to do morally and legally, but will help restore America's credibility on human rights issues. The American people demand Guantanamo be shuttered once and for all after 20 years of injustice.

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