What are you doing about the GOP's openly violent threats?
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What are you doing about the GOP's openly violent threats?

To: Sen. Markey, Pres. Biden, Sen. Warren, Rep. Pressley

From: A constituent in Brighton, MA

July 6

A few days ago the GOP nominee for governor, Mark Robinson, gave a speech in which he said, "Some folks need killing! It's a matter of necessity." Read that again. "Some folks need killing." An explicit threat of violence against political opponents. This isn't a fringe GOP position, it's their mainstream one.The president of the Heritage Foundation recently declared that we're in the midst of the "second American Revolution," and that it will be "bloodless—if the left lets it be." More threats of violence. They're not just saying the quiet part out loud; there's no more quiet part. This isn't a normal election, and these are not normal times. Extraordinary threats call for an extraordinary response. So far, all I see instead is the same old Democratic playbook whose failure for decades has brought us to the brink. What are you doing differently to save our democracy before it's too late?

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