Re-evaluate U.S. stance on Israel-Palestine and campus protests
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Re-evaluate U.S. stance on Israel-Palestine and campus protests

To: Rep. Houlahan, Sen. Fetterman, Pres. Biden, Sen. Casey

From: A verified voter in Birdsboro, PA

May 2

The ongoing conflict in Gaza and the campus protests across the nation have highlighted the deep divisions within the Democratic party on the issue of U.S. support for Israel. While the Biden administration has affirmed its commitment to Israel's security, it has also called for restraint and humanitarian assistance in Gaza. However, concerns have been raised about civilian casualties and the violation of protesters' rights through excessive force employed by law enforcement agencies. I will not vote for a Democrat that supports Israel, who supports the increased police presence at campus protests and who doesn't support the right to peacefully assemble. Democrats have an uphill battle and must prove with concrete action that they are worth my vote. I urge you to re-evaluate the U.S. stance on this matter and consider taking a more balanced approach. The disproportionate loss of Palestinian lives and the forceful suppression of peaceful protests are inconsistent with American values of freedom and human rights. It is imperative that the United States plays a constructive role in facilitating a just and lasting resolution to this protracted conflict, one that addresses the legitimate grievances of both sides and prioritizes human lives over political agendas. A comprehensive strategy that promotes dialogue, accountability, and respect for international law is needed to break the cycle of violence and pave the way for a sustainable peace.

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