Stop supporting Genocide
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Stop supporting Genocide

To: Rep. Suozzi, Pres. Biden, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand

From: A constituent in Hicksville, NY

May 30

I’ve written this same letter for months. You never respond, you never change your tactics, you do nothing to save lives. And despite whatever your political calculations are for this inaction, you will also lose the upcoming elections. So you have nothing to lose but your conscience, your humanity, so act, please! Stop insulting our intelligence and humanity by dangling reproductive rights in our face - that is nothing in the face of burned babies and children! For the 100th time, I cannot see anymore burned babies, children crushed in the rubble. You are complicit in the genocide committed by the state of Israel on the Palestinian people. Please stop this, please there is no political calculation that can justify this. Please do something with the power we have given you. AIPAC is not your constituent, Israel is not your constituent. I am, we are, and we are all asking for an end to the inhumane and grotesque murders of Gazans by US bombs, by the cruel starvation, dehydration and denial of medical care, decimation of hospitals and health workers. How many Palestinian lives equal the 200 Israeli hostages? How many? Your lack of action to stop this genocide shows your cruel math. Please use the power we’ve given you, please stop Israel, no more weapons to Israel, no more funds to Israel, you cannot support genocide and you cannot force me to support it by your actions.

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