JOE can’t win and you know it. How utterly pathetic you all have become…
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JOE can’t win and you know it. How utterly pathetic you all have become…

To: Rep. Slotkin, Sen. Peters, Sen. Stabenow, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 9

Biden is now down 5 points in Wisconsin. The alarm bells are rights and NO ONE is willing to speak the truth… what are you guys Republicans??? What happened to reality? Are you all in mental decline like Joe Biden? I’m so ashamed of all democrats right now, the writing is on the wall and instead of facing the facts you put your head in the sand and pray. How utterly irresponsible and dangerous, I can’t believe you are willing to throw away democracy over a 81 year old man that should be in a nursing home. You have already lost our nation and everything that comes with it if you continue down this path. There is no coming back from Trump 2.0 with immunity. He will kill, imprison, destroy the rule of law and the constitution. He may even destroy democracy and install total dictatorship. WHAT are you thinking? Biden’s debate was the worst performance in the history of presidential debates and you think everything is A okay? You are just as delusional as Joe Biden. How pathetic. I will not stand for this, I’ll be at the convention and I’ll be doing whats necessary to make my voice be heard and you’ll see how that will go if Joe Biden is the nominee. Remember 1968 Chicago Democratic convention?? That will pale in comparison to 2024. Joe has already lost and you don’t give a flying F*CK. Shameful.

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