Safeguard contraceptive access and reproductive rights for all
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Safeguard contraceptive access and reproductive rights for all

To: Sen. Butler, Rep. Eshoo, Pres. Biden, Sen. Padilla

From: A verified voter in San Jose, CA

June 6

It is critical to ensure Americans maintain access to contraception and family planning resources. The recent vote blocking legislation establishing a federal right to contraception is concerning, as it signals an erosion of reproductive freedoms that should be safeguarded. Contraception enables individuals to plan and space pregnancies as desired, improves health outcomes, and provides autonomy over personal decisions. As a public servant representing all constituents, you must uphold the right to access safe, affordable contraception without government overreach or interference based on personal beliefs. I urge you to champion comprehensive family planning policies that respect reproductive rights and choices. This issue impacts the wellbeing and liberties of millions, transcending partisan divisions. Protecting contraceptive access is a matter of public health and human rights that demands steadfast legislative support.

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