End Israel's illegal occupation and apartheid policies against Palestinians
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End Israel's illegal occupation and apartheid policies against Palestinians

To: Rep. Moulton, Sen. Warren, Sen. Markey

From: A constituent in Peabody, MA

June 1

Israel must end its illegal occupation of Palestine, which has fueled a system of apartheid and systematic human rights violations against Palestinians for over five decades. The occupation's duration, coupled with Israel's illegal annexation of occupied territories and expansion of settlements, demonstrates an intention for permanent control in violation of international law. Palestinians face excessive force, unlawful killings, arbitrary arrests, displacement, land confiscation, denial of fundamental rights and freedoms, and severe movement restrictions due to Israel's oppressive policies. The inhumane blockade on Gaza has created a dire humanitarian crisis. Ending the occupation is a prerequisite to halting Israel's grave breaches of international law and securing justice and rights for all. The world cannot remain complicit in perpetuating this injustice. Concrete action is urgently needed to pressure Israel to dismantle its apartheid regime, lift the Gaza blockade, remove illegal settlements, and allow Palestinians to exercise their inalienable rights to self-determination, freedom and dignity.

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