Suspend arms sales to Israel after deadly civilian strike
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Suspend arms sales to Israel after deadly civilian strike

To: Rep. Meng, Pres. Biden, Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer

From: A constituent in Forest Hills, NY

May 29

The recent strike in Rafah has raised grave concerns about the use of U.S.-made munitions and the devastating consequences for civilians. Experts have identified remnants of a GBU-39 small diameter bomb, manufactured in the United States, at the site where dozens of Palestinians were killed. While the Israeli government claims this was a precision strike targeting terrorists, the reality is that even small munitions carry severe risks when used near populated areas. We cannot ignore the fact that U.S. weapons were involved in an attack that caused such horrific loss of life. It is imperative that the United States reevaluates its arms sales to Israel in light of this incident. Providing munitions that are then used in strikes resulting in large civilian casualties undermines our nation's commitment to human rights and the protection of innocent lives. A comprehensive review of arms transfers to Israel must be undertaken immediately. The United States should suspend all weapons shipments until there are concrete assurances and mechanisms in place to prevent their use against civilians. We have a moral obligation to ensure our weapons do not contribute to further violence and suffering in the region. Continuing business as usual after such a tragic event would be unacceptable. Decisive action is needed to uphold our values and prevent the loss of more innocent lives.

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