An open letter to Sen. Blumenthal, Rep. Courtney, Pres. Biden, Sen. Murphy.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Blumenthal, Rep. Courtney, Pres. Biden, Sen. Murphy

From: A constituent in East Hampton, CT

May 15

The horrors witnessed by the British doctor at Al-Aqsa hospital, the last functioning hospital in central Gaza, are harrowing. Conditions are dire, with overcrowding, lack of medical supplies, and patients suffering from treatable conditions due to the prolonged conflict. An immediate ceasefire is crucial to alleviate the immense human suffering. It is also imperative to reconsider the military aid provided to Israel, and instead reinvest in humanitarian assistance through organizations like UNRWA, which supports Palestinian refugees. The deplorable situation at Al-Aqsa hospital, as documented in this eye-witness account, serves as a sobering reminder of the urgent need for a just resolution to the conflict and an end to the immeasurable suffering of civilians. Source:

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