An open letter to Sen. Welch, Sen. Sanders, Rep. Balint.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Welch, Sen. Sanders, Rep. Balint

From: A constituent in Burlington, VT

April 29

Clear Court watchers think that the Supreme Court is unlikely to rule that Trump has absolute immunity from prosecution in the election interference case, but they’re also reporting that the justices appear to be in no hurry to rule on the matter, potentially delaying the trial until after the November election. Meanwhile, the conservative super-majority Court has: overturned the federal right to an abortion; struck down affirmative action in college admissions; ruled in favor of LGBTQ+ discrimination in a fake case it never should have considered; issued non-binding, unenforceable ethics rules despite the revelation of ethics violations by some of its members; and more. We NEED you to pass legislation implementing the reforms recommended by the Brennan Center's report. Please check it out and implement.

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