Stop the genocide in Gaza
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Stop the genocide in Gaza

To: Sen. Fetterman, Pres. Biden, Sen. Casey, Rep. Lee

From: A constituent in Pittsburgh, PA

May 9

Stop the genocide in Gaza. You have that ability. It’s great that you’ve paused some of the bigger bombs but it’s not enough. Release the report detailing Israel’s abuses instead of stalling. Children are starving. A whole generation is being robbed of their future - no food, no school, no families, no home, no hope. Just violence that they don’t deserve. Open the border crossings and let aid in. This is the barest of bare minimums. Let hospitals have the fuel and medicines they need to function. Let children eat. Israel has made it clear that they are going to invade Rafah, regardless of the human cost. Their warnings to evacuate are meaningless - there is nowhere for Palestinians to go, especially with the borders closed. Borders that ISRAEL closed. They don’t want people to leave. They want people to die. And my taxes are paying for the bombs you send over to kill innocents. When our students speak out against this genocide, they’ve been met with more violence. They have a right to free speech. Just because it’s not something you want to hear does not mean it’s wrong. Speaking out against Israel’s policy of genocide is not antisemitic. Stop the bloodshed. Ceasefire now. Humanitarian aid now. Not tomorrow, not someday. NOW.

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