Red-line cross- end support for Israel NOW
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Red-line cross- end support for Israel NOW

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Goldman, Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer

From: A verified voter in Brooklyn, NY

May 28

I am devastated by the continued violence in Gaza and most recently, the catastrophic attacks on civilian tent cities in Rafa. Israel is moving tanks into the area where it previously ushered so many refugees. This is a clear violation of the “red line” President Biden and United States claimed was important. Please, you must stop our support for these actions. These are not the actions of a Democratic ally. The United States is complicit in the deaths of innocents and these clear crimes. Our weapons, financial support, and verbal support on the global stage allows these atrocities to continue. There is blood on our hands! I am an army brat from a line of army brats. I grew up full of patriotism and political efficacy. I have never felt so helpless or ashamed of my country. I have voted for you. Please listen to your constituents; the majority of Americans do not support this war. Stop our support for Netanyahu’s Israel in this all-out genocide. End financial and weapons support for Israel immediately. The United States must support a ceasefire now.

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