Help us find a better candidate for President
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Help us find a better candidate for President

To: Sen. Welch, Sen. Sanders, Rep. Balint

From: A verified voter in Burlington, VT

July 9

After June’s disastrous presidential debate — and after many months of concern and doubt — it’s clear to me that President Biden is not up to another four years in the White House, either physically or mentally. Even his ability to wage a sufficiently vigorous campaign for the job is uncertain. The evasion, finger-pointing, and straight up gaslighting by Biden and his closest supporters is really disappointing to see. We expect this sort of thing from Trump, not Biden! I’m asking you to support efforts to convince President Biden to stand down, and then find a new Democratic candidate for president. This is urgent and very, very important. I understand that this process will be chaotic, but I’m confident that it can be done respectfully, in the spirit of lowercase-d democratic values, and that the party will come out stronger for it. I want to underscore how frustrated and, to be honest, *resentful* I feel toward the Democratic process and decision-makers that put us in this bad situation. I’m someone who follows the news and cares deeply about countering the threat posed by the far-right; I’m never going to vote Republican. But so far, this presidential election has left me with almost nothing to vote *for*.

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