Another legitimately ridiculous decision from a clearly illigitimate court
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Another legitimately ridiculous decision from a clearly illigitimate court

To: Rep. Schakowsky, Sen. Duckworth, Pres. Biden, Sen. Durbin

From: A verified voter in Chicago, IL

June 29

I am contacting you yet again about the Supreme Court's unhinged and untethered behavior. They are completely out of line and the American people need to see public action being done to address the gravely unbalanced and unrepresentative behavior and rulings. Abortion, Bump Stocks, Chevron, criminalizing homelessness. This is not normal behavior for the United States. And what, on Monday are we to find out that another precedent is destroyed and the already convicted felon President will be above the law? And we're supposed to do what exactly? We need YOU to take immediate action. Press conferences, march organizing, legislation, ethics investigations, impeachment hearings. It's time for that to happen. Let's go. We need to see action. Action will drive young voters in the fall. Let's be bold and brave and respond with more verocity than them.

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