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Sen. Bill Hagerty

Verified VoterPowell, TN

tinue to employ them. Are you forgoing your pay for this period? I request a response as soon as possible. I am contacting you about your position on trump's recent convictions in New York State court, with which you disagree. You stated you would refuse to pa ss bills in protest. First, do you feel

Map PinNashville, TN

Protect the right to contraceptives!

I am disappointed but not surprised to see that my representatives voted to prevent my access to contraceptives. I know you don’t care if I live or die, but I’ve been on the hormonal birth control pill since I was 15 to treat my hormonal acne. Women have a right to healthcare and bodily autonomy.

Map PinChattanooga, TN

10 Republican Senators threaten NOT to Fund the Government

In response to 12 jurors finding Donald Trump "Guilty" on 34 charges, thus making him a Felon, Republican senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and 9 other Republican Senators, issued a public letter saying they would no longer pass legislation, fund the government, or vote to confirm the administr

Map PinNashville, TN

Stop the Genocide in Gaza NOW!

The United States is actively committing genocide in Palestine. YOU are GUILTY. Israel is committing war crimes and genocide with the explicit permission and support of the United States government. Without our money, our weapons, and our political support, this genocide would not be happening. It i

Map PinNashville, TN


Please stop funding the genocide in Rafah. I do not want my tax dollars paying for what seems like endless killing of innocent people. Israel is out of control and the US seems to be the only power that could stop their indiscriminate killing. Ceasefire now.

Map PinNashville, TN

Open the Rafah Crossing Now!

Palestinians are being bombed and starved by Israel with unlimited support from the United States. We are complicit in this genocide. I demand that you stop sending money and weapons to Israel and instead pressure them to open the Rafah crossing so that Palestinians can receive much-needed aid. The

Verified VoterPowell, TN

I have written or called your offices this week about the Supreme Court. We learned this week of ANOTHER instance of Justice Alito flying a flag that is partisan and sends a message to those who would destroy our democracy. I was once an admirer of the Court; no longer. We no longer believe SCOTUS i

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