Action Comics by ResistbotAction Comics by Resistbot

Action Comics

Each panel represents a different action you can take right now with Resistbot. Follow @resistbot on Instagram for a new comic every day!

Contact all your officials at once!Exclusion of Donald Trump from future ballots under the fourteenth amendment!Do not impeach the duly-elected Judge Protasiewicz!Fight book bans! Tell Secretary Cardona to appoint an anti-book-ban coordinator!Demand masks in healthcare!The NRA is a lobbying organization! The IRS must remove its tax-exempt status!Oppose the GOP plan to raise the retirement age for Social Security!Support Rep. Nikema Williams's voting rights legislation package!Chief Justice Roberts: allow cameras in the court for Trump's D.C. trial!Exlude Trump from future ballots under the 14th amendment!Louis Dejoy must be fired!See your editor in your local newspaper!Vote no on the Kids Online Safety Act!Vote no on Tina Descovich for Florida ethics commissioner!Do something about Tommy Tuberville's military blockade!We need a path to citizenship for DACA recipients now!